I do art workshops in schools, libraries, bookshops and to small groups of children!
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lunedì 14 novembre 2016

new book! Welterusten, Diewertje

early this month my first book with the fabulous Clavis, has been published! hurray!
you can find it here!
it's a cute little book, with heavy paper and glossy pages, about Diewertje that doesn't want to go to sleep! ;-)

lunedì 24 ottobre 2016

hug in a box

there's a great news out there!
now you can find a small version of my "the perfect hug" book in a box with a couple of adorable pandas!
they hug each other with velcro hands, they are very soft and cute!
it's a perfect gift, for little one and not so little ones anymore!
check it here!

and if you want to follow panda adventure, follow my Instagram profile
#huginabox #judiabbot

giovedì 19 maggio 2016

martedì 3 maggio 2016

Plum Pudding Exhibition!

My agency is having an exhibition  of their artist artworks!
this is mine!

if you want to take a look at these, and buy something come to the Coningsbury Gallery, 30 Tottenham street, in London, until the 6th of May!

martedì 12 aprile 2016

educational books- nuovi libri di Scolastica

I updated my educational portfolio with some of the illustrations i did in the past months, for CETEM italia and Pearson italia! and the books look pretty good too!